Pruitt Left Looking for Improvements After BYU Loss


BYU battled back with a minute left in the game to force overtime and eventually win 29-26

KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WJHL) – The Vols haven’t started a season 0-2 since 1988 and that squad lost their first six games before finishing 5-6.

It’s assumed Tennessee can take down Chattanooga, but first the Vols have to bounce back from the tough loss to BYU.

“That was a great football game we obviously came out on the wrong end of it, it’s a tough one to swallow it’s hard to figure out how do you lose that game,” head coach Jeremy Pruitt said.

He also added his team couldn’t adjust to what the Cougars were throwing at the Volunteers defense.

“The are playing RPO and we get beat on the inside coverage running a slant route that’s what they do you get three by one run zone run hitches to the field and run slant to the x if you watch the tape they ran it 25 times in this game, they done it down there we know what play is coming,” Pruitt said.

Junior running back Ty Chandler knew Tennessee had its chances to rack up the points.

“We have the will power to get the ball in the endzone that was the biggest thing.”

Redshirt junior offensive lineman Marcus Tatum said this team can’t give up after two games.

“I have been through worse here. We have all been through worse here, we have seen worse, so look at the positive and we fought and we just need to continue to fight because it’s really not the end,” Tatum said.

The Vols hope to snap the skid when they host Chattanooga next Saturday.

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