Plenty of Strong Family Bonds at Bristol


As Father’s Day approaches, racing families are especially appreciative to be able to share their love of racing with their families.

There’s plenty of strong family ties in the racing world, including the Force’s, the Torrence’s or the McMillen’s and no matter what their age or racing style is, all of them cherish the family racing bond.

John Force has three daughters that have been on the NHRA tour with his daughter Brittany winning the Top Fuel championship in 2017. Steve Torrence and his father Billy have raced side-by-side in the Top Fuel division for years. Terry McMillen has been competing in the Top Fuel circuit for years and his son Cameron is a junior racer, who loves the simple things in racing.

“When you get in the car, it’s really cool and you get to go really fast,” Cameron said.

Terry mentioned being able to travel with the family is a positive takeaway from the busy lifestyle of being a driver.

“He gets to travel with us, he goes to every race, he gets to see things all over the county as we drive and that’s kind of rewarding in itself,” Terry said. “I think the other part about it is, when he starts driving now. It’s been pretty overwhelming because to see him go down the track, makes me nervous or gives me goosebumps.”

Even though Steve Torrence just took down his dad in the Heartland Nationals championship race, he still looks up to his dad Billy.

“He leads by example and he’s always been a guiding figure and has been very successful in Capco in business and other things that he’s done, so I try to emulate him through those things,” Steve said.

Kay Torrence, Billy’s wife and Steve’s mother, said racing is the glue that has held her family together throughout the years.

“I always say that racing is the one thing that has kept my family together,” Kay said. “Since Steve was 15, we’ve been racing together from one rack track to another. Traveling through a motor home, pickup, dooley, trailer, its just kept my family together.”

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