NASHVILLE (WJHL) – Major League Baseball has more important things to worry about than giving the Volunteer State a team, but that doesn’t mean the city of Nashville isn’t building a case to secure a MLB squad.

Former Red Sox President of Baseball Operations Dave Dombrowski is on board to bring a team to the Music City. The two-time World Series champion is committed to the cause and went as far as selling his Boston house and is set to move to the state’s capitol.

Dombrowski knows this is going to be a long and tough process, but he said the league is impressed with the city.

“There’s no promises from Major League Baseball at this time for even having a franchise granted, but I do know that Major League Baseball thinks of Nashville as a Major League city,” Dombrowski said.

He also mentioned executives that are connected with some of the teams are also fascinated with the idea.

“People around the game who travel around, everybody loves the city and and thinks its an up and coming place and will host a Major League team, we’ll be in a position where it’s either a relocation or expansion.”

“We’ll be open minded but what we need to do is be prepared for whenever that happens with Major League Baseball not only all of those steps of getting investors but we have to get a ballpark built because we have to have a place where they can come.”

The possible stadium would be located right next to Nissan Stadium, the home of the Titans, and would also feature a music hall along with the baseball field.