Malloree Schurr about to wrap up two careers at ETSU with final season in softball


Malloree Schurr came to ETSU in 2014 and has been a staple on the basketball and softball teams for years.

Schurr is no stranger to ETSU fans. the two-sport athlete has made her name known on the hardwood and on the softball field for years. but the last two years, things have been a little different.

“When I go into the gym everyone’s like, you’re still here and I was like, yeah, I have another year of softball.” 

Last year, Schurr only suited up for the basketball team and red-shirted for the softball team but this year, her hoops eligibility is up, so for the first time since came to ETSU, she’ll have a full year at the plate.

“She’s been around a long time, played in a lot of games obviously between basketball and softball. so it’s been good to have her here full time and hopefully that will help her get started off on a strong foot.”

Basketball had always been the priority, only joining the softball team when the basketball season concluded, which always made catching up with live pitching a little more difficult.

“Usually I just come in and start hitting live and having all this experience and hitting off our pitchers and seeing live at-bats is nice.”

“Going straight off the basketball court onto the softball field has always been tough and a testament to the type of athlete she is that she was able to do it.” 

But now the two-sportt athlete is down to just one and in her final season wearing a blue and gold uni, Schurr is just hoping to have some fun.

“I just want to come out and enjoy this last year and getting a full year with a different set of teammates that are like family to me. so i’m pretty excited for that. but my personal goal is to just have fun with my friends because i’m not going to be a college athlete for much longer.”

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