Williamsport, PA — The Little League World Series is going on in Williamsport, PA and the local team from the Southeast regional is Nolansville out of the Nashville area.

One of there players is Josiah Porter who has local ties to the Tri-Cities…. His father Brandon played baseball and basketball at Sullivan Central before continuing his baseball career at VMI.
Josiah who’s now 12 suffered an eye injury at the age of 7 which has left him legally blind in his right eye…… Even though they are hopeful it can be repaired in the future Josiah who has the nickname “BIG Hands” on the team has not allowed it too damage his love for the game… and you saw that last night when his hit brought in 2 runs which helped his team advance.

“I focus on the ball and the spin on the ball and I just really focus on getting my bat to the ball and just really focusing.” “Since he’s been six and seven years old, he’s just not known anything different, and he just gets up there and doesnt let it bother him, I mean he just goes through it and he makes adjustments and fights hard and he’s got great hand-eye-coordination. He’s always been a special athlete and he’s overcome a lot of the challenges that having the injury to his right eye has caused.” “The competition is definitely harder and the fields we’re playing on are much nicer and we’re all over sportscenter; everything is just a step up.”