Elizabethton, TN — Elizabethton native Evan Carter continues to make major league baseball history while helping his team advance to the world series.

The 21 year old rookie, who just joined the roster in September, has been on fire this postseason, making some impressive baseball history. Carter has now reached base safely in 12 straight games and that’s the longest streak by a player at age 21 or younger in postseason history.
Carter, shocked everyone when he was selected 50th in the second round of the 2020 MLB draft, but people like his high coach Ryan Presnell saw his talent at an early age as a pitcher and hitter.

“First time I heard the ball come off the bat. You heard it. It was different. It was just different. And he was small, but he was creating an immense amount of torque in a swing and you could see it in the like. And it’s very, very different from any other 13 year old I’ve ever seen. I really knew that if he made it up, that if he made it into a lineup, that’s going to be hard to take him out because he is so consistent. And so, yeah, I mean, it’s been shocking to see him performing on such a huge stage. But what he’s doing is very simple for him, and he keeps it simple and he knows he can repeat it. He knows he can execute that game plan. And he’s just going to continue to do it wherever he’s at. You know.”