(Kingsport, TN) — There has been a shortage of tires for cars to race on at the Kingsport Speedway in years past, but all of that could be coming to and end.

This afternoon the “concrete jungle” announced that Venom out of Kingsport will be selling a new tire created by a company called Cobra out of Georgia.

In years past late model drivers have had problems getting tires and finding a tire that would hold up from racing at the speedway….This new Cobra is suppose to go 300 miles before showing any wear and tear.

“We tested it at several NASCAR tracks tight track we found our tire to be extremely well lived and durable>

“Bascically 300 plus laps on the tire the abused them I told them to throw it at it whatever they had and they really abused them and this tire just kept taking it and coming back and I was really amazed.”