(WJHL) – The list of violent injuries that have occurred in the NFL is substantial, but very few people have seen what happened to Buffalo Bills safety, Damar Hamlin, on Monday Night Football.

The 24-year-old received CPR on the field of play after collapsing during the first quarter of his team’s matchup with the Cincinnati Bengals. As of Wednesday, the Bills organization said he showed “signs of improvement”, but remains in critical condition in the hospital.

In 102 years of NFL football, others have suffered significant setbacks, including Darryl Stingley, Kevin Everett and Ryan Shazier – who were all paralyzed during a game. It was 50 years ago when Detriot Lions receiver Chuck Hughes became the first and only NFL player to die during a game.

Kingsport native Daniel Kilgore, who played center in the league for ten seasons, says there are certain chances one takes to play football at a high level.

This is a violent game,” he said. “I started playing this game at six years old – I’ve had my fair share on injuries at every level. “It is a reminder that anything can happen at any given time when this is your job and you are laying it on the line every day.”

“How do you take care of your players after the fact,” he continued. “This might be a situation where Damar never comes back and plays so what do we do for him?”