Hampton High School athletic director: “I’m really concerned with kids getting some type of community spread.”

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HAMPTON, Tenn. (WJHL) — Following the several cancellations of high school football games, News Channel 11 reached out to one athletic director whose team played ball Friday night.

Hampton High School Athletic Director Dewayne Humphrey told News Channel 11 that the future of the Bulldogs’ football games lays on the fence.

“If we were to have to cancel a game in the next couple of weeks, it would really put us from being in one of the top positions in our conference or in our league…hopefully getting to host a playoff game at the beginning of November and possibly having to travel,” Humphrey said.

After Friday night’s face-off with big-time rivalry Cloudland High School, the Bull Dogs stand at 6-0 after their defeat of the Cloudland Highlanders 44-14.

Despite the excitement of the possibility of a playoff, Humphrey remains concerned regarding the potential COVID-19 outbreaks.

“With things going on around us in different communities, different areas [I’m] really concerned with kids getting some type of community spread, bringing it into the school…getting into practice and us having to shut down for a couple of weeks.”

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