Johnson City, TN — Appy League action on a Wednesday, the Greeneville Flyboys visited the JC Doughboys

The Flyboys came out of the gate strong with two runs in the first inning, which included a Dub Glead single to right field that sent Myles Smith in for the score, creating a 2 nothing Flyboy lead.

However, as the rain came down, the Doughboys heated up. Facing an uphill battle in the bottom of the 2nd McKay Barney would single to left field en route to sending Matt Miceli in for a run, cutting into the deficit.

Just moments later, while facing a 1 and 1 count, Michael Moss was able to hit a single past Greeneville’s Myles Smith to center field, sending Emilio Morales in for the Doughboy run, tying the contest up at 2 a piece.

Following a Flyboy run on an error in the 3rd inning, the Doughboys were once again able to get a 2 run inning, thanks to a Matt Miceli fly ball to center field, sending Roberto Pena and Jared Johnson in for runs.

Former Hilltopper Caleb Marmo hit a grand slam, as the Doughboys won 14-4