Former Topper and current Detroit Tigers pitcher ready for season to start

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Johnson City, TN — Daniel Norris and the Detroit Tigers were supposed to kick off the season almost two weeks ago, instead, just like most of us he was stuck at home but the former Science Hill standout could be taking the mound pretty soon.

Major league baseball came out last night saying it’s focusing on a plan for the season to start in early May, but the games will look a lot different from what the players and fans are used to

First off there will be no fans the stadium is completely empty and instead of players sitting in the dugout the athletes will be stationed in the stands, six feet apart.

No matter what the league decides Norris is ready to get back on the diamond

“We saw that come out last night and we’ve all been in contact about it. We’re at the point where we all just want to play ball and we obviously play for the fans, but we know they’ll be watching on TV no matter what. So, if that’s the best we can get, we’re all for it. Even if it is optimistic, it seems a little bit realistic if we can kind of isolate all that and make it work, we’re all game for that according to Norris.”

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