GREENEVILLE, Tenn. (WJHL) – Last summer, Avery Collins joined the Greeneville Flyboys towards the end of the season – just in time to be a part of their Appalachian League championship run.

“Talk about learning from, not just my coaches, but the players last year – the way they took me in, the way the other catchers helped me out so much,” Avery said, “To be able to do that last year, it just helped me so much this year.”

This year, Avery didn’t join the team right away. It happened after his dad, Andy Collins, was hired as the pitching coach.

“I ended up speaking to Jermaine [Curtis] and we were kind of on the same page with everything as far as a routine of developing these pitchers,” Andy said. “From there on I think he liked what I had to say and then just jumped into it full steam.

After a number of years spent in the college coaching ranks, Andy Collins transitioned to the position of head baseball coach at Greeneville High School. Avery played for his dad on the Greene Devils for four years before leaving to play college ball at Cleveland State Community College.

The two have shared a lot of baseball moments together in their lifetime.

“For me, it’s baseball 24/7,” Andy said. “That’s what I love about it – that’s my passion and that’s my family’s passion as well.”

One of the premier moments on the same field together was certainly Greeneville’s state championship win in 2018.

“I think, like he said, winning a state championship with Greeneville – that was awesome,” Avery said.

But, this summer spent together at this level certainly holds a special place in each of their hearts.

“It’s definitely up there for sure,” Avery said.

For Andy, the proximity of this opportunity to their home and their family makes it all the more special.

“We’re five minutes down the road – so my wife and my daughters being able to come and see their brother and son play,” he said, “I think that’s what makes me – it’s why it ranks up there as one of those moments.”