Laughlin and Reeves talk about importance of math, science and learning at Avoca elementary


    Kids at Avoca elementary school got quite a treat this afternoon as Bristol Speedway took a quick trip down the road with a pair of drivers who will compete at upcoming events. 

Josh Reeves, a pro late model driver, who will race at the short track nationals this month, and Alex Laughlin, who won the pro stock race at the Thunder Valley nationals last year, visited the kids talking about their cars and how math and science have helped them in their careers.

For both drivers it was a chance to get out of the car and give back to future racing fans in Bristol.

“Racing is really a small part of it and its all of the other things like this that really make it special we get to come out and explain how important it is too pay attention and do well in school there is so much match and physics that goes into it to making these cars do what they do and it’s really cool to be able to explain that too them.”
“It means everything to me however we can shape a young persons mind and to get them where they need to be both on the education standpoint and to build their success for the rest of their life.”

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