STONEY CREEK, Tenn. (WJHL) – Jocelyn Nye’s fascination with marching band began when she was little. In fact, she still recalls the memory of her Aunt Shelby on that December night.

“I had seen her march one year in the Christmas Parade – the Elizabethton one – and it was like ‘Oh my gosh, I want to do that – I want to be that cool kid,'” she smiled.

By sixth grade, Nye had begun to play clarinet in the T.A. Dugger Middle School band.

“It was more something to do and just have something under my belt, you know,” she said.

But, in seventh grade, she moved to the Unaka School District – and began to take band more seriously. She picked up the bass clarinet as a high school freshman and started playing in the marching band.

“It’s hard to do – it’s harder than a lot of people think it is,” Nye said.

From summer band camps and rehearsals during the school year to football games – there’s a lot to keep a new band member busy. Nye believes the first group of seniors during her frehman year helped her settle into it all.

“They made it a family environment,” she said. “Everyone in the band just knew each other and got along and were happy and friends.”

By her junior year, Nye decided it was time to become one of the leaders of this new family.

“I just wanted to be a part and … help other people that were like me my freshman year,” she said. “A little bit scared and intimidated, but trying to bring them in and make them feel a little bit more comfortable and have them have fun.”

That’s just what she’s done – serving as band and uniform captain among her peers.

The position comes with its challenges, particularly that of balancing the responsibilities of friend and leader simultaneously.

“I want to be nice to everyone,” she said. “But, sometimes you just gotta sit down and be like ‘Listen, was that decision smart.'”

Her experience has been overwhelmingly positive, however – from traveling to competitions and savoring the small details.

“Probably just all the football games and the halftime shows and just sharing those memories with everyone – that will probably be the biggest thing I miss,” she said.

Nye plans to attend ETSU in the fall to study criminal justice – and pick up new instruments – all while marching on with the Bucs.