High School Standouts Tre and Clint Morrisette thrive in D-B wrestling

High School Standouts

KINGSPORT, Tenn. (WJHL)- In our new digital series ‘High School Standouts,’ Digital Sports Reporter Michael Epps features local athletes with incredible talent, hoping to take that talent to the next level.

These are athletes that stand out both on and off the field.

This week’s High School Standouts are Tre and Clint Morrisette, juniors on the Dobyns-Bennett wrestling team.

Dobyns-Bennett is making a name for itself in Tennessee high school wrestling.

“I feel like at state this is the best D-B has ever done, I feel like we’ve actually proven ourselves as a top competitor in the state,” Dobyns-Bennett wrestler Brennan Watkins said.

The Indians have the drive. They have the coaching. It’s all coming together to build a powerhouse program.

“It’s been a great season, I told these kids at the beginning of the season something special is with this group and everybody’s bought in,” D-B wrestling head coach Wesley Idlette said.

But there’s something different about this season.

Make that two.

“Tre and Clint have displayed great leadership since the beginning of this season, they put in the work over the summer and we’re excited just to see the growth they’ve had,” Idlette said.

The Indians are led by junior wrestlers Tre Morrisette and Clint… Morrisette!

“Yeah people usually go up to him and call him Tre and me Clint and they ask him ‘how does it feel to be first in the state’ and they get confused and think that it’s him but it’s actually me,” Tre Morrisette said.

“Well I actually think it’s really cool, me and him both we started off not doing any sports, we played baseball a little bit quit that, we just love this sport and ended up doing it together,” Clint Morrisette said.

It’s alright, even the other wrestling guys have trouble telling the twins apart.

“It’s crazy sometimes I can’t even tell them apart and I see them everyday it’s weird, usually the glasses I look at the glasses that’s pretty much it that’s all I got if they aren’t wearing glasses then I got nothing,” Watkins said.

So as a fan in the stands, it’s real difficult to tell the difference.

“When they’re out there on the mat, they’re going so fast it can be hard to figure out who’s who,” Idlette said.

“I think what other people were thinking was like ‘didn’t I just see him wrestle’ or did he change his shoes and all that and it’s kind of funny,” Clint Morrisette said.

Tre wrestles at 160 pounds; he’s the top ranked wrestler in the state at that weight class.

“I think we can go pretty far I think if we just keep doing what we’re doing we can go to the national level we’ve all been pushing each other every single day,” Tre Morrisette said.

Clint competes at 170 pounds; he’s the second ranked wrestler in that class.

“We’re looking for that state championship, we’ve been working really hard we haven’t stopped working and he’s helped me through my injuries he wants me to be my best I want him to be his best and we just really hoping to get that state championship,” Clint Morrisette said.

Most teammates push each other to be better, but to be teammates and twin brothers takes it to a new level.

“We have high expectations for them and we hold them accountable and the good thing about the twins is they hold each other accountable so that’s one of the best things that we have for them,” Idlette said.

“We’re always telling each other lay off that food stop eating that go get a cup of water cause we run together when we’re sitting down were like ‘hey you wanna get some push-ups in’ we always do what it takes to get the best out of each other,” Clint Morrisette said.

Kinda fitting how two brothers would pick wrestling as the sport to play together.

“We’ve been doing it since Day 1 always roughhousing with each other, we really didn’t know what we were doing back then but now it’s just kinda different,” Tre Morrisette said.

Yeah the family room carpet is a lot different from these wrestling mats.

But these guys are ready for this state, and comfortable going into any gym.

“The great thing about this sport is it doesn’t matter your age, income, black, white, whatever this is just a sport that you step foot on the mat and wrestle someone that might have different backgrounds but at the end of the day is it’s you against somebody else,” Idlette said.

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