High School Standouts Landen and Weston Street shined under new Hampton lights

High School Standouts

HAMPTON, Tenn. (WJHL)- In our new digital series ‘High School Standouts,’ Digital Sports Reporter Michael Epps features local athletes with incredible talent, hoping to take that talent to the next level.

These are athletes that stand out both on and off the field.

This week’s High School Standouts are Landen and Weston Street, twin brothers and seniors on the Hampton High School baseball team.

Every sports kid’s dream is to play under the lights.

“We were the first team under the lights and that was really special too,” Hampton senior baseball player Weston Street said.

The Hampton High School baseball field never had lights until this season.

“We’re just very appreciative of everyone who has contributed to the improvements our program has made the past few years,” Hampton baseball head coach Nicholas Perkins said.

This year’s team was excited to break them in, and won the first night game against Hancock County.

“It was a walk-off win and we did have a big crowd so that was nice,” Perkins said.

Little did they know, those lights would be turned out for the rest of the spring.

“It’s rough to know that this could be it and that could be your only game under the lights but we’ll hope for the best,” Weston Street said.

The Coronavirus pandemic has put sports all across the globe on hold, and that includes Scotty Bunton Field in Carter County.

“Disappointed for them because this is time that they just can’t get back and maybe some memories that were gonna be made that now can’t be made,” Perkins said.

Highly-anticipated senior season have been rubbed in the dirt, and that unfortunately is the case for the Street twins, Weston and Landen on the Bulldogs baseball team.

“It was really tough especially for us seniors when it came to an end but I know there’s a lot of other people having a much tougher time than we are with this virus,” Weston Street said.

“It was pretty devastating to probably everybody on the team because we had a whole bunch of seniors and good underclassmen that we thought was gonna go pretty far if not the postseason than do good in conference,” Landen Street said.

We’ll start with Landen, since he’s older by about eight minutes.

“I can’t play infield but I might be a better outfielder than him,” Landen Street said.

Landen had developed into a hawk of an outfielder, making a big time play under the lights in the Hancock County game.

“Landon Street made a game saving catch in the right-center-field gap, tremendous read, tremendous reception of the baseball that looked like was gonna go for extra bases,” Perkins said.

“I didn’t think I was gonna catch it at all there was a lot of pressure all the fans out there watching and team counting on you some people on the bases lot of pressure but I caught it,” Landen Street said.

Weston became one of the best hitters on the team with an early batting average over .500, and 5 RBI and 5 steals.

“I think we could have went pretty far in the postseason and that’s just the postseason we were already undefeated to start with so we could have kept that going and seen how we did throughout the season,” Weston Street said.

“The highest compliment I can give Weston Street is he’s a baseball player and what I mean by that is he can help you win games with a bat in his hand on the base paths with a glove in the infield with a catcher’s mitt on behind the dish he is a versatile well-rounded winning baseball player,” Perkins said.

The hope for the Bulldogs? TSSAA still hasn’t officially canceled the season so they have hope that they might be able to still play.

“We’re in suspension meaning we have to prepare and think that we’re gonna get back on the baseball field and until we’re told differently we have to operate that way,” Perkins said.

But if that game under the lights was their final game of their careers, the Street brothers are still thankful.

“And the fans especially the community really brought together after the lights and coach Perkins starting everything it was pretty good,” Landen Street said.

“The players and teams are what were special about Hampton baseball it was really fun,” Weston Street said.

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