High School Standouts Caleb and Leah McBride turn sibling rivalry into state titles

High School Standouts

JOHNSON CITY, Tenn. (WJHL) — In our digital series ‘High School Standouts,’ Digital Sports Reporter Michael Epps features local athletes with incredible talent, hoping to take that talent to the next level.

These are athletes that stand out both on and off the field.

This week’s High School Standouts are Caleb and Leah McBride, siblings in Science Hill athletics.

What a week it was for Science Hill athletics.

The girls tennis team won the large school state championship last Wednesday in Murfreesboro.

Leah McBride was clutch, winning the final singles match to avoid the team doubles portion. Then on Friday she won the doubles state title with teammate Allie Knox.

Also in Murfreesboro was her older brother Caleb, who plays on the baseball team. After seeing her win so much, his mission was simple.

“I was like well now I gotta match her I can’t just let her do it and us now win state otherwise I’m not gonna hear the end of it,” Caleb McBride said.

Sure enough, Caleb was on the mound to close out the Class AAA state championship and they got it done.

“Kinda funny because people will come up to me and be like ‘congrats on winning state’ and I’m like ‘oh yeah I forgot I did that’ like it’s wild because it’s something you won’t ever forget I know my cousin Cole said it like you’ll never forget about it and you’ll always want to talk about that and always be able to talk about it, it’s been very exciting,” Caleb McBride said.

Lead won the state title in the morning so she had time to go down the road and watch the baseball team play.

“Oh yeah I mean that was one thing I was looking forward to during the day I was like ok we gotta go play our tennis match and then we gotta go watch Caleb I mean we were all pumped to go down there I mean it’s fun to just go down there let alone to win,” Leah McBride said.

She didn’t just watch her brother Caleb; their cousins Cole and Jack Torbett also play on the baseball team.

“Good family effort like all four of us winning state was just awesome,” Caleb McBride said.

“It’s fun to be in high school with all them because obviously we share that bond together that we all get to represent our school and do our sport and do what we love and go down there and win together it’s just huge it’s so exciting for our family,” Leah McBride said.

While Caleb is the older sibling, Leah has a leg up on him, winning two state tennis trophies as opposed to his one baseball trophy. She made sure to rub that in a little bit.

“A little bit I did because you know it’s exciting and I just wanted to let him know you know he gets a ring I get two rings so he doesn’t like it but you know he’s got one so it’s whatever,” Leah McBride said.

“Yeah she does but I honestly think I mean she has two this year I think by the end of next year I’ll have two,” Caleb McBride said.

While they can’t agree on much, one feeling they do share as spring athletes is being grateful. They each lost their seasons last year due to the pandemic and what a return in 2021.

“It was nice to not really have any scares this year because I know a lot of teams were getting quarantined and it was nice to be able to have a full season where we could practice every day and have games not have to miss any games because of COVID it was nice to be able to get everything in very thankful for it,” Caleb McBride said.

“It’s still so exciting to talk about and watch all the videos and everything because we both won and did our thing so it’s exciting for both of us,” Leah McBride said.

Now they each have memories they’ll cherish forever and bring up at every family reunion.

“Honestly probably that last play that was just, it’s a blur for me but every time I go back and watch it it’s like wow that was awesome like ugh it was such a relief,” Caleb McBride said.

“My family was pretty excited I have a really big family and most of us were down there between tennis and baseball it was just surreal for all of us it was so exciting,” Leah McBride said.

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