GRAY, Tenn. (WJHL) – The Daniel Boone Trailblazer football team is off to a perfect 3-0 start to the season, thanks, in part, to senior Rylan Trout.

“We’ve been working on our defense more than anything at practice, and it’s definitely paying off so far,” Trout said.

“[Rylan] is one of these kids that – you just always want him on your side,” Trailblazer head football coach Jeremy Jenkins said.

Trout does a little bit of everything for the Blazers when he straps on his helmet.

“Really plays with a lot of confidence on both sides of the ball,” Jenkins said. “A lot of speed, he does a lot of tangible things, returns kicks for us, makes the big play on defense.”

The wide receiver and defensive back has twice been named an all-conference performer for his skillset on the field. But, those individual accolades don’t really factor into his love of the game.

“Each person has a specific job, and if somebody doesn’t do their job the whole play is messed up,” Trout said. “So, you really get the cohesion and you learn how to work together, and that’s really what I do like about football.”

He grew up playing a few other team sports, like basketball and soccer, but everything else has paled in comparison to the gridiron.

“It’s always been football was the thing going on in my life, you know, and it’s always been the focus,” he said.

It’s never been the only focus, however.

“My dad always talks about how I’m doing on the football field, but when I get home, the first question is always, not how was practice, the first question is – did you have any tests today?” Trout said. “Academics has always been the number one thing.

“If I’m doing good in academics, then I’m doing good on the field.”

With a 3.7 GPA, Trout makes his grades just as well as he scores touchdowns and deflects passes. And still, he finds time to volunteer at the Crumley House, in addition to his duties as Student Council Treasurer.

“It’s just nice to feel like you’re helping out,” he said. “We do a lot of stuff for the school. It’s nice to be involved in the community a little bit more.”

“It shows a lot about his character, about him wanting to do as much for others as himself,” Jenkins said. “To really go the extra mile and to do things for other people who do not have as much stuff as he has – and being able to go that extra mile for that person – just shows a lot about their character.”