High School Standout Jersey Wines succeeding with family at every corner

High School Standouts

CHURCH HILL, Tenn. (WJHL)- In our new digital series ‘High School Standouts,’ Digital Sports Reporter Michael Epps features local athletes with incredible talent, hoping to take that talent to the next level.

These are athletes that stand out both on and off the field.

This week’s High School Standout is Jersey Wines, a senior on the Volunteer High volleyball team.

It starts with family.

“We wanna play good for each other, we don’t just wanna play good for ourselves,” Jersey Wines said.

Ask any successful team and they’ll tell you it feels like family there. But for Jersey Wines, a senior, it’s more than a feeling. Much more.

Her mom, Tennille Green is the head coach of the team.

“Jersey has a little bit of me on the volleyball court too but she’s her own person and she’s found herself in the last year and a half or so,” Green said.

Not to mention her dad, Bobby Wines is the principal at the school, Volunteer High.

“I’ve been Jersey’s principal for 9 of her 13 years and so being here, it’s not like her elementary principal where in school you can see her learn how to read,” Bobby Wines said.

Jersey knows it’s great to always have her family around.

“Yeah it’s kinda like a joke, they call me little bobby or little wines, even the teachers, it’s hilarious,” Jersey Wines said.

But once the game comes around, it’s all about her teammates on the court. She has two younger sisters there as well.

“There were times that I would pass the ball, Rylee would set the ball and Jersey would get the kill and it was just an amazing feeling knowing it was sisters that did that,” Emma Green said.

Her sister Rylee Wines and her stepsister Emma Green are both sophomores on the team. Rylee and Jersey play on the softball team together too.

“They’re so close that Jersey talked Rylee into playing softball and so Jersey started at shortstop and Riley was in centerfield. So they say there’s nothing like sister love and I can see that in my kids,” Bobby Wines said.

It might not be 6 kids living all together, but there are a bunch of them.

“We’re like the Brady Bunch I guess, kinda like redneck style but we’re the Brady Bunch and we’re very close, tight knit, and we’re always there for each other,” Tennille Green said.

And there’s Jersey, right there at the center of it all. Fitting, considering if anyone was going to live a life in sports it would be a girl named Jersey.

“Well we were looking for something athletic and that name just popped up. Of course my mom, she at first was like ‘you’re gonna name her after a cow?!’ and I was like ‘no mom, we’re naming her after a jersey like a sports jersey’ and you know the name caught on and I think it’s a pretty catchy name,” Bobby Wines said.

“Had to come up with something to be quite honest that was gonna sound good whenever it was coming across the speakers. She was gonna be an athlete, I played ball with her whenever I was pregnant so she had to be a volleyball player, I didn’t force it but that’s what I hoped for,” Tennille Green said.

While this is where Jersey feels at home, she’s learned things here that she can take anywhere off the court.

“I want you to do your best, that’s what I expect out of everybody, that’s what I expect out of myself and that’s just how I’ve always played,” Jersey Wines said.

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