High School Standout Hannah McAmis leaves Wise Central with impressive legacy, heavy fingers

High School Standouts

WISE, Va. (WJHL) — In our digital series ‘High School Standouts,’ Digital Sports Reporter Michael Epps features local athletes with incredible talent, hoping to take that talent to the next level.

These are athletes that stand out both on and off the field.

This week’s High School Standout is Hannah McAmis, a senior four-sport athlete at Wise Central High School.

This graduating senior has some heavy fingers now.

Wise Central’s Hannah McAmis won state championships in her freshman and sophomore years on the girls basketball teams.

But she did what winners do: search for more hardware.

“It was amazing I mean that’s where every high school athlete wants to be they want to be right there at the state tournament and I remember after my basketball and volleyball seasons my dad coming up to me cause I was upset it was over and he was like you’ve had a great season but not every team wins its last game,” McAmis said.

She also found success in tennis and helped the Lady Warriors make the Class 2 state championship match earlier this month.

“Oh it was crazy I came off the court and everyone was like oh you did a great job and I was like man I’m really tired I need a water but it was awesome,” McAmis said.

She won her singles match and so did her four other teammates, winning 5-0 to take the state title.

“This is what we wanted since freshman year we worked together we knew this is where we wanted to be and being able to pull that out in the end it was special for all of us,” McAmis said.

“This was a special group we had last year taken away from us and every match this year we talked about how we weren’t gonna take it for granted that we were getting to play and compete,” Wise Central girls tennis head coach Angie McAmis said.

This girl stayed busy, playing volleyball in the fall, basketball in the winter, and tennis in the spring.

“It takes work and it takes time and being able to find time to work on everything and taking that time to push yourself to be a better athlete,” McAmis said.

And if that wasn’t enough, this spring during the tennis season she also joined the track & field team and picked up shotput.

“I’d miss about 30 minutes to go work on shotput sometimes and then come over here and finish practice and then miss Wednesdays for meets I enjoyed doing it some people might say it’s chaotic and too much but I enjoy it,” McAmis said.

No surprise with an athlete like this; she made the state tournament for shotput, first year ever doing it, and finished 5th in the state.

“It’s awesome I’ve been working with my uncle a ton I’m actually gonna go throw after this just tried to pick it up and do the best I can,” McAmis said.

Her uncle coaches track & field and football, and her dad TJ coaches the boys basketball team and coached her older brother Isaiah who played for the Warriors and now plays basketball at UVa-Wise.

“I think it helps me out as an athlete too because I grew up as a coach’s daughter and I’ve seen I guess what it takes and my dad didn’t baby me any that’s for sure but I think it helped me to become a better athlete and a better person,” McAmis said.

She’s also staying close to home for college, joining Isaiah at UVa-Wise to continue her volleyball career.

“I’m stoked honestly it’s a blessing and an honor to go and play and I’m just glad that I have that opportunity I thought about going somewhere farther and it was gonna be hard to leave my family because I have such a close bond with them and UVa Wise it felt like home to me it is home but a different side of home I guess,” McAmis said.

Hannah closes out her high school career with three state rings, once the new order comes in. She is one of the most accomplished athletes to come through this school and she leaves quite a legacy.

“Well I just hope that other younger girls can look up and know that they can do it too it doesn’t matter who you are it matters about work and what you’re willing to put into it,” McAmis said.

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