High School Standout Emily Schram continues family tradition in the military

High School Standouts

CHILHOWIE, Va. (WJHL)- In our new digital series ‘High School Standouts,’ Digital Sports Reporter Michael Epps features local athletes with incredible talent, hoping to take that talent to the next level.

These are athletes that stand out both on and off the field.

This week’s High School Standout is Emily Schram, a graduating senior track runner at Chilhowie High School.

Chilhowie, Virginia is a pretty small town.

“Though it was very small and you couldn’t do much I would much rather have grown up here than somewhere large,” Chilhowie High School graduating senior Emily Schram said.

It’s that tight knit community; a lot of people there, stay close to home.

“Really enjoyed growing up in a small town going to a small high school because you had more interactions with people and personal connections with teachers,” Schram said.

Schram had a different plan in mind.

“I started talking to a recruiter last summer before my senior year and then I finally made the main decision during the Fall semester and officially enlisted in November,” Schram said.

She has enlisted in the Navy, entering the intelligence field.

“I will be a linguist so I will go to school to learn a language and then I will be interpreting the information in that language and giving it to the people who need it,” Schram said.

Schram was a standout track runner for the Warriors, earning all-state honors for indoor and outdoor track.

“I was one of those runners that could adjust very easily so they would kinda put me in anything because I could do a short distance relay or I could do the 800,” Schram said.

“She was one of those athletes that you could kinda just put her in any event and she just excelled she was really multidimensional so you always love as a coach to have athletes like that because she could fill a lot of different shoes for us,” Chilhowie indoor track coach Kaitlyn Phibbs said.

While that chapter of her life is now complete, she knows she has different shoes to fill ahead of her. Her dad is a Navy veteran, and her brother and sister are both linguists in the armed forces.

“I’m not sure where I’ll get stationed after school, I would love to be on a ship, that is my main goal but I probably won’t get on a ship in my first enlistment, I’ll probably be at a ground base but I hope to make a career out of it and get the base I want in the future,” Schram said.

Although she’ll be pretty busy soon, she’s still keeping running close to her heart.

“I definitely want to keep running because I believe you’re always a runner at heart no matter what, it’s always gonna be a part of me I guess I can’t not run,” Schram said.

But the decision she’s made, to serve her country, is a great one for her and for Chilhowie.

“One reason I chose the Navy is you can travel the most and I’ve always wanted to travel outside of little Virginia and see more of the world so I’m really excited to hopefully achieve that,” Schram said.

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