Week 9 Player of the Week is Abingdon’s Malique Hounshell

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Abingdon, VA — Abingdon’s flying high right now with the Falcons riding a five-game winning streak.

Which includes scoring a season-high 63 point against Gate City last week…

“I just really wanted to win, I didn’t care about touchdowns, yards, I just wanted to win, says running back Malique Hounshell.”

It seemed like no one was keeping track of stats that night.

“We all thought he had a great game and we thought it was about four touchdowns, according to head coach Garrett Amburgey.”

“I wasn’t even counting, to be honest, I was just playing, I was just playing.”

His numbers weren’t playing though…Malique Hounshell chalked up a school-record 7 touchdowns along with 226 yards in the win over Gate City.

“Malique on behalf of Champion Chevrolet and Watauga Orthopedics, congratulations on being named the News Channel 11 Player of the Week.”

“Really it was the line, they were making holes and I was running right through and then I made a couple of moves and busted off some big yards, it’s really all I had to do, says Hounshell”

“You know we’ve seen the last couple of weeks in practice he’s had the best weeks of practice leading up to that game, so that’s really fun to see when you see a guy put in the work and he gets rewarded in the game, says Amburgey”

Malique…you put in the grind…but did you expect to rewrite the books…

“No, I did not at all, no I did not at all.”

But that has to be the best game in your career???

“Yeah of course it is.”

“I put that performance up to near the top just from statistics alone.”

So how does the back follow up one of the best performances in school history…

“I just play how I always play, just run the ball as hard as I can, I guess.”

A simple formula to keep the Falcons flying high…

In Abingdon…Jesse Krull…News Channel 11 Sports…

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