Virginia High Bearcat Stevie Thomas named TV-11 Player of the Week

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Bristol, Va — “He’s tremendous, he’s super talented. The things he does, not just with his speed, but his strength and agility.”

Virginia High running back Stevie Thomas is a game-changer.

“You give him every chance that you can to make a play because exactly of what you just said because of any point and time he can take it the distance says head coach Derrick Patterson”

He did more than just that Friday…While his opponents were trying to close that gap…Speedy Thomas was flying around the field…240 yards and four touchdowns on just 8 carries.

But this shouldn’t be a surprise because this isn’t the first time this Bearcat has won this award.

(Stevie…on behalf of Watquga Orthopedic and Champion Chevrolet congratulations on being selected as the player of the Week.)

“Everybody was executing and doing what they were supposed to. The line opened the blocks and got me to the second level. Once I got to the second level it’s hard to stop me says, Stevie Thomas.”

But his career did come to a halt…last year when he tore his ACL in offseason training…

“It was scary, I didn’t know if I was going o get back to 100, it was a process. I’ve got some good people around me, helping me out and getting me back to where I’m supposed to be says Thomas”

So with a healthy Thomas…this team is ready to change the tradition of Bearcat football…

“As long as we keep doing what we’re doing and staying focused and do the right thing, we’ll be fine. It’s hard to stop a team that scores, 60 points a game.”

“I think that it’s all about the players and the work that they’re choosing to put in and what they choose to believe.”

I know what everyone else believes…that Stevie’s a game-changer…

In Bristol…Jesse Krull…News Channel 11 Sports

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