Unaka, TN — This might be…the loudest sport…you’ve never heard of…” it’s actually a really competitive sport.” its trap and skeet shooting, an activity the Unaka shooters take pride in…

“it’s just honestly fun.”

“it’s one of those things that I found I like doing, I enjoy it.”

But they’re not just having a good time they’re finding success reaching the regional, state, and even national tournaments.

“it’s really just the passion about how they feel about shotgun shooting and the competitiveness about it, says Unaka head coach Shane McCown”

“I always liked shooting guns and I never got to, once I learned I could shoot a lot more, I was like hey, I like this., according to Unaka shooter Jared Watson.”

And most of these shooters make their elders the butt of the joke…

“it’s hard to get outshot by a 12-year old sometimes as an adult.”

“it’s still pretty crazy knowing that I’m still in high school, says Unaka shooter Emma Rodgers” and “I’m like 16 years old and I can come out and outshoot some of the adults.”

But no matter their age their love for the sport will never leave their sights…

“God there’s all kinds of lifetime bonds. I’ve known people from, Nebraska, Texas, pretty much all over the United States that I’ve got friends with says Unaka shooter Seth Fox.”

“if i could still shoot until I’m 99 I still would says Watson.”

Which means there’s plenty of time to make a whole lotta noise

In Johnson City Jesse Krull, News Channel 11 sports