Tri-Cities Two-A-Days: Thomas Walker Pioneers

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Ewing, TV — Our Tri-Cities Two-A-Days series returns tonight as we take the trip up to Lee County, Virginia, to preview Thomas Walker.

The Pioneers get ready for another season in the *brutal Cumberland District that was won last year by J.I Burton…

In last year’s unique spring season, they only played conference games but now, the normal fall season returns, and the Pioneers open with a non-conference out-of-state game against Cumberland Gap, Tennessee…

T-Walker made the playoffs each of head coach Nick Johnson’s first 3 years but they missed out in the spring… that’s a feeling they don’t want to feel again.

“It’s just a hard-working group the last couple of year’s we’ve been reliant on the same group of kids they were seniors last year I think it was disappointing to them that they didn’t get to finish their season the right way you know this group is really working hard we want to get back to the playoffs obviously that’s the first thing we want to compete for a Cumberland District championship.”

After missing the playoffs that means you gotta make some changes and that’s what this team is doing on offense…

Zack Kidwell has been the quarterback for this team the last couple of years but going into his senior season he’s making the switch to wide receiver.. coaches said he was all for the switch if it makes the team better..

They’re going with sophomore Darin Gulley as the new starter and Kidwell is 6’5″, he’s going to be a brutal assignment for defenses to deal with on the outside… they’re hoping that can translate to a smoother offense.

“We just struggled last year with me as quarterback figured we’d try something new see how it goes and if nothing changes I can always go back to it because I still practice it every day and I do wide receiver stuff so let’s hope it turns out for the best.”

“I mean Zach is, he’s a great athlete he can catch he can run he can throw I’m just glad that we’re using him any way we can.”

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