The Elizabethton Cyclones will get another shot at Greeneville Friday night

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Elizabethton, TN — The game everyone has wanted to see on the high school football field will finally be here when Friday night when Greeneville hosts Elizabethton for the 2nd time this season.

In the first game, the Greene Devils came to the Cyclone’s house and ended a 2-year winning streak with a 42-12 victory.
This is the 6th time in the last 3 years these teams have met and each time the winner of this game has gone on to win the Class 4-A state championship. Between the two they have won the last 4.
Since that loss in September, the Cyclones have been playing for another chance to become the king of the hill.

“That is the motivation it was our first loss in a while and it hurt a little bit extra so we are coming back with a chip on our shoulder”

“It’s a good motivator going into this game knowing we have something to prove everybody the last game they got the best of us and I think we are ready to come back”

“They know how good Greeneville they are and they have shown that all year both of us have gone back and forth over the last couple of years there is no doubt they are really good and they know it and they are not afraid to show it either so our guys have got to get ready to play or we are going to get run out of the stadium.”

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