Tennessee High football getting ready to play football after the death of a teammate

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Bristol, Tn — It’s been a tough week for the Tennessee High Vikings football community with the loss of one of their own…Over the weekend the Vikings football player Micah Montgomery tragically drowned in South Holston Lake.
The team did not have practice on Monday, but they were back on the field Tuesday getting ready for the Friday night’s game with David Crockett…
Vikings Head coach Matt Chandler feels playing this football game will help in the healing process.

“When dealing with these situations when you can get back to some type of normalcy has helped people heal these guys to a tee and to a man who wanted to play Friday night and that includes Micah’s brother and we are thinking of him in a lot in what we do and we are going to try and honor Micah there is going to be some pre-game stuff that Crockett is going to do to honor him and Levon asked me today if he could change his jersey number to Micah’s number so we are going to keep his number on the field that’s his brother wearing it.”

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