Ridgeview RB Trenton Adkins is the Week 3 Player of the Week

Player of the Week

CLINTWOOD, Va (WJHL) — Schools like Penn State, Tennessee, Virginia and North Carolina are just a few knocking on his door.

News Channel 11 Sports’ Jesse Krull brings you this week’s Player of the Week: Trenton Adkin.


If Ridgeview wants to chalk up another win this Friday, they’ll rely on Trenton Adkin.

“He doesn’t go down usually with one guy and when he gets into the open with the speed he’s got, he doesn’t get caught very often from behind.”

His numbers back that up. Through two games, the junior reeled off 652 yards and 11 touchdowns.

“This year he’s hitting the holes a whole lot better, seeing things a lot better than last year and he had a great year last year.”

“I think just going through the motions every day and it happening every day at practice, I guess I just get used to it.”

He is also accustomed to being one of the areas best players. Number six racked up six touchdowns and 295 yards in last week’s 31 point victory.

“Trenton, on behalf of Watauga Orthopedics and Champions Chevrolet, congratulations on being selected as the player of the week.”

But the junior would’ve had a hard time achieving this accomplishment without the Ridgeview moving company.

“Our linemen were explosive off the ball and just getting good blocks, so as soon as I saw a hole or a seam, I took it.”

“You know anytime you have stats like he has, there’s some blocking going on upfront and our big guys do a good job of opening up holes for him.”

Aside from the hogs in the trenches, Adkins carries the important intangibles.

“A really good running style, great balance, mixture of speed and quickness.”

“I think the best thing is my vision to be able to see holes over here or over there.”

This elusiveness on the field has caught the attention of big-time coaches. He already has offers from Florida, Penn State and Tennessee.

“It was kind of crazy at first, it kind of hit me at once and then just over and over and it’s still like a wow factor.”

“You know having coaches call and come around is a pretty neat thing and we hope to see a whole lot more.”

“It feels pretty good to have big Division 1 schools after you, it’s just something to look forward to in the future.”

There’s no doubt Adkins will help his squad win at the next level, as well.

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