Greeneville, TN — The high school football season is just around the corner and today in our “prep spotlight” we travel to Greene Co. where perennial powerhouse Greeneville begins another season of trying to get back on top.

Last season the Greene Devils came close by going undefeated before losing to Elizabethton in the quarterfinals of the Class 4-A state playoffs..
Gone from that team are 8 seniors that include Mason Gudger, Jakobi Gillespie and Jaden Stevenson just name a few, but with Adjatay Dabbs and Brady Quillen returning the Greene Devils says not forgetting that loss has fueled their fire this season.

“It’s definitely a reload because we have a big chip on our shoulder after losing last season. yes we lost a bunch of talent but we have alot coming up.

i don’t think it a rebuild honestly. we lost alot of talent but we have alot of people returning to same positions so i think we’re gonna do fine honestly.

as a football coach it’s great right now because you’ve got to put all the pieces of the puzzle together. who’s gonna fit where, who’s gonna step up for guys you lost from last year. so it’s a fun time right now to be out here on the practice field trying to get better.”