Elizabethton, TN — The Elizabethton Cyclones football team is about to enter that “A-B-R,” era…. It’s what I call life after Bryson Rollins…the Cyclones quarterback that lost only 2 career games and nearly won 3 state championships has graduated….

That is not to say the Cyclones cupboard is bare …. and whatever you do…..don’t suggest the Cyclones are rebuilding as coach Shawn Witten said “tradition never graduates” ….. So the Cyclones will lean heavily on their seniors who have been apart of this winning culture…. And while several have watched from the sidelines they understand what is expected of them and that’s why they are ready to get started.

“Just around town everything kind of building up until August against SHHS at Citizen Bank.”

“We are really excited to start this season we have everybody working just trying to get people filled in their spots you we have that next man mentality we are just trying to get everybody rolling”

“Part of the reward is the journey it’s the process of forming a football team and that is the greatest challenge we all strive for that as coaches trying to mastermind the pieces to the puzzle to make it work out the best.”