Dobyns-Bennett ball boy Caleb Hall sinks a memorable shot

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KINGSPORT, Tenn. (WJHL) – This pandemonium from Dobyns-Bennett’s season finale wasn’t after a game-winning shot, or even a buzzer beater.

It was something bigger.

“Probably one of the best things that will happen in my lifetime,” Caleb Hall said.

That moment for the Indians senior manager Caleb Hall has been a long-time coming.

“Talked about it jokingly since sophomore year because there’s other people in the county that have done it and that’s always been my joke.”

But Caleb’s parody of playing for Dobyns-Bennett became a reality.

“He didn’t have any idea coming into the day, but I told him at shoot around we found away to get him eligible.”

“Well coach told us, he was like let’s just get the job done, so we can have Caleb come out here, so really we just wanted to get out there and play, so Caleb can have his time on the dome.”

“We want to bring in our closer, bring in Caleb give him this opportunity, so let’s go out there and play extra hard for him this second half.”

The Indians replied with a 12-point halftime lead, which meant Caleb could finally dawn the crimson and white.

“Even just putting it on and stuff, even just being on the bench, not even going out there in jersey, it seemed pretty cool. So I never actually sat on the bench either, I sat on the bench throughout the whole game, I’m always up there filming.”

So with the senior sitting and D-B building a lead in the 4th, coach knew it was time to bring him in.

“Before he went in, I told him “Are you ready, are you ready to get in the game?”

“He’s like you’re going in, in two minutes, I was like alright, he told me are you ready and I said yeah.”

“I said alright who you guarding, you know I try to think of any of getting his mind off of the moment of being nervous.”

“I don’t really get nervous like that before. On the floor, the stomach feeling went away.”

“We got him a couple of shots and even got him a free throw and he’d not make it, so it was dwindling down, we’re under 20 seconds.”

But Caleb got one more chance.

“It just felt like my shot, normal and just went up and it was either in or it was short, it was a super air ball.”

“It almost made me cry.”

“When he let it go, it was like magical, you knew it was going in.” (Slow motion)

“Seeing that, that just broke my heart.”

“Probably be a memory throughout this class and a couple of people, but I doubt it’ll go down in history like that.”

His basketball brethren beg to differ.

“That’s going to be my number one memory for sure.”

“You will remember a few moments and this is one of those moments that you will remember forever and for it to happen to Caleb, it couldn’t happen to a better kid.”

So even after the craziness and chaos of the crowd, it’s a shot worthy of a replay.

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