Tri-Cities, TN — On the volleyball court David Crockett was hosting Providence Academy. Lady Pioneers got things started at the net when Sophia Gouge comes over to tap it over for the net for the shot that is not returned

Then more from the Lady Pioneers this time Liz Wheeley hits one that cannot be returned by Providence. Lady Knights kept coming when they swing it around to Kinley Painter for the easy tap over the net. Crockett however wins tonight 3-0.


At the Dyer Dome Sullivan East had their hands full with Tennessee High, sort of like Friday nights football game. Lady Vikings start fast when Sophie Stallcup charges the net delivers the smash that comes right back to her so she just taps it over for the score.

Then more from Tennessee High when blair Ashton uncorks a serve that could not be returned so another point to the Lady Vikings. She had 9 kills

Lady Patriots fought back and got some help when this shot by Stallcup is out of boundS but the Lady Vikings go on to sweep 3-0