Cyclone quarterback Bryson Rollins Week One Player of the Week

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Elizabethton, TN — Elizabethton continued its reign over the Tri-Cities Friday night with a 34-15 win over Science Hill. 
The Cyclones rolled over the Hilltoppers in the Railroad Rumble with quarterback Bryson Rollins leading the charge. The senior quarterback tallied 292 total yards and five touchdowns. He threw for 209 with three scores, tacking on 83 more yards on the ground with a pair of touchdowns.
“We really come together as a group and help each other out and help everyone out,” Rollins said. “We knew from the beginning of the season that it was going to be tough and Science Hill was tough and they gave us a good first struggle, good first game.”
Rollins is currently undefeated as a starter with 31-straight wins and two state championships. Elizabethton head coach Shawn Witten knows how crucial his senior gunslinger is to his team.

“You know that all starts with number 10, he gives us the confidence to believe in ourselves,” Witten said. “He gives us the confidence that every time we touch the ball great things can happen.”
During Rollins’ career, he’s rarely been overlooked and been looked at as the underdog, but Friday night was an exception. 
“We kind of flipped the role. We kind of went in with the underdog mentality, kind of let them know, looked at the headlines and you saw experienced and confident of Science Hill football team that we kind of chase that mentality.”
Rollins and his Cyclones had their game cancelled against Rhea County, so Elizabethton will turn its sights to a home game against Greeneville in two weeks.

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