Afton, TN — With the season about to start a week from Friday, we continue our high school football preview with a stop at Chuckey-Doak high school, where they begin a new era of Black Knight football.

Longtime Chuckey-Doak assistant coach Dallas Kuykendall is the new man in charge and he says the most difficult thing right now is time management …… not something he really had to worry about when he was an assistant.. What will help in his first year is the Black Knights return a bunch of skilled players who have a lot of experience including a senior quarterback, so they could turn out to be the team beat in the region.

“As of right now the defense is our strongest point but if we can work out the kinks in the offense we can be all around good team.”

“We have a great team all around offense and defense I think we will do well this season better than in past seasons.”

“I hope the identity becomes a team that plays hard every single rep and snap no matter what the scoreboard says or what team we are facing we are a team that plays hard.”