Fulkerson family celebrates 90th birthday for grandpa Ray


Numerous cars lined the street to congratulate the grandparent

KINGSPORT, Tenn. (WJHL) Plenty of members of the Fulkerson family along with numerous friends came together to celebrate the birthday of grandpa Ray Tuesday night.

The family made Ray feel appreciated by having a parade of decorated cars, along with signs, birthday candles made out of pool noodles and banners scattered across the front lawn.

Grandpa Ray has played an impact on all his grandkids’ lives, but John appreciates how much support his grandfather gives during the basketball season.

“He’s been taking me to games ever since I could play and he’s been at every game, supportive every game and even now at Tennessee he comes down to watch us,” Fulkerson said.

“His bedtime is really, really early, so even when we play, he hasn’t made a nine o’clock tip yet, but even when we play at six or seven, he still comes there and even though he knows he’s going to bed late and get home late, he still comes and supports.”

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