Ezell Holds Future Bucs Camp


East Tennessee State’s Brittney Ezell has a proven record of being able to connect with college players, but she showed once again at her Future Bucs Camp on Saturday that she can also relate to the younger generation.

Ezell, along with some assistant coaches and players, guided campers ranging from six to 13 through drills and scrimmages. This wasn’t as intense as a college practice, but Ezell still made sure the passion of the game was present. 

“I want them to love the game the way that we do, I want to them to understand that this game can take them a lot of places in their life and it can teach them a lot of lessons without even having to go to a classroom,” Ezell said. “Learn about fair play, learn about gratitude, learn about effort, so our mantra is they’re learning how to live life by being taught how to play and it was a lot of fun today.”  

These same group of coaches will host a Buccaneer Experience Camp for high school athletes in early August.

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