Atlanta, GA — Less than two months before the Tennessee Volunteers kick off the college football season, head coach Josh Heupel and three of the program’s top players appeared at SEC Football Media Days in Atlanta this morning.

Head coach Josh Huepel speaking to sports journalists this morning said his staff has been stressing to players during the off-season… the ability to finish… and he says the team has made strides. Heupel is marking his second S-E-C media days as the leader of the Volunteers and we haven’t heard from him since signing day.

JOSH HEUPEL/Vols football head coach: i’m really proud of what we did in that first 12 months but so excited for what’s gonna happen in the future here too. we took great strides in year one in our culture, a sense of accountability, the standards we had inside of our program, how were we gonna compete together and enjoy that process and how we were gonna be connected and love one another.

The Vols are currently in the midst of summer workouts — and will officially report to preseason camp on July 31st before their first practice on August 1st. The season officially kicks off Thursday September 1st against Ball State.