Chattanooga, TN — The Big Orange Caravan was back on the road tonight and this time it was making a stop in Chattanooga.

The usual’s were on board like football coach Josh Heupel and basketball coaches Rick Barnes and Kelli Harper. For coach Heuple it’s been a busy week watching a number of his players hear their names called in the 2023 NFL draft. And while they didn’t go quite as high as projected, the coach doesn’t think it has anything to do with the system he runs in Knoxville.

“You know, ten years ago, I think there was a trickle down effect from the NFL to college. I think it’s the exact opposite in today’s landscape. You know, over the last three cycles, or three drafts, we’ve had five wide receivers. I’ve had more wide receivers drafted in the last three years than any other college coach. I think that speaks to to what we’re doing. How we’re developing those guys, those guys understanding, you know, overages, concepts, but also how to beat man coverage that can be press, that can be off technique. That doesn’t just happen by accident. So I think what we do does translate and how those guys have been developed.”

The next stop for the caravan will be the Tri-Cities on Wednesday at Meadowview convention center in Kingsport.