Alcoa, TN — Arguably the greatest Tennessee Volunteer basketball player of all time was back in Alcoa this afternoon giving life lessons to a younger generation eager to learn.

Allan Houston, the all-time leading scorer in Vols history who played for the the New York Knicks during his NBA career was in Alcoa speaking to a group of middle schoolers…And his message all started with the acronym on the back of his shirt. “fisll” ….. which means faith, integrity, sacrifice, leadership and legacy.” The acronym came together through his life lessons and for houston, each word has a purpose, but one has a little more meaning.

“I think sacrifice probably means, at this moment, the most because when you have family, a big family, a lot of people who are counting on you to think about somebody else and to give something for somebody else is gain. The short story of how I came up with FISLL is my father, which is how this all came about. My father and I were doing retreats for young men. Mentoring leadership development. I learned these principles from him.”

Houston added that he loves these opportunities especially at alcoa because he grew up around here….