Bristol, TN — When you win over 50 games in a season and climb to No. 1 ranked in the country it’s hard to pick one Tennessee Volunteer baseball player that stood out, that’s unless you can pitch like the man with the unmistakably mustached face.

Tennessee pitcher Kirby Connell was in Bristol tonight at the Pinnacle meeting his fans, taking pitchers and signing autographs…Connell’s long hair and handlebar mustache make him one of the most recognizable players among a cast of characters for Tennessee.
However he doesn’t need all of that be known in this area, because he was born in Georgia but raised in the Tri-Cities before moving to Missouri in the 8th grade.
Connell, who still has 2 years remaining was impressed with tonight’s turnout glad the “stach,” is a fan favorite.

“To see all of these local people here to support us and support Tennessee just being able to show up and them sharing the love with us and show the love they have for Tennessee baseball is really amazing to me and I think it’s really awesome. It goes from all ages from little kids to the older generation really love the mustache, they really love my personality and I think that is awesome how they are able to show support for me and share the love.”

Kirby has two older brothers Kevin and Cody….10 years his senior Cody is head basketball coach at David Crockett….