How current Vols feel about new-hire Heupel

Tennessee Vols

KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WATE) — On Jan. 27, the Vols introduced their 27th head football coach.

With the current investigation, recent turnover in football staffers and now a new head coach, what do current players think?

Earlier this past season, Alabama coach Nick Saban said that you can’t win at a high level anymore with just defense, you’ve got to be able to score points.

The players understand that, and seem to love the move to bring in Josh Heupel, who’s considered one of the top offensive minds in college football.

Current Tennessee football players have been weighing in on their new head coach on Twitter, and so far, it’s been positive.

Tennessee Athletic Director Danny White says some of the characteristics players are looking for in a head coach are confidence, juice and swagger. So far, it seems that Heupel’s got all three.

“It’s that sense of connection that allows you to go chase greatness outside of the game. When you’re connected, you have a chance for love. When you have love, you’re able to sacrifice for your teammates. This game is all about sacrifice.”

Josh Heupel

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