Knoxville, TN — The Big Orange caravan didn’t have far to travel tonight…. After stops in Memphis and Nashville earlier this week the bus was home in Knoxville.

Hundreds of fans turned out at the Neyland-Thompson Sports Complex to hear from basketball coaches Rick Barnes and Kelli Harper along with head football coach Josh Heupel, who’s spectator line stretched almost 50 yards…
And while Heupel thanked the 100-thousand fans who pack into Neyland stadium every Saturday, coach Harper spoke about their latest addition to the Big Orange family, and coach Barnes talked about finally getting around to playing Wisconsin again.

“It’s hard to get these games together sometimes. And because of COVID, it seems like it’s been backed up forever. But it’ll be a challenge because they have a great arena to play in and they have a great fan base, says Heupel”

“Mean, it’s a huge part of the tradition of Tennessee football. You know, the energy that surrounds our program right now, a huge part of that is our fan base and very thankful that we had them on our side according to Harper.”

“You know, I know for hearts, it’s it’s a dream, but it had to make sense and it did for her and for us. And we’re just we’re just really excited. Excited for her. Excited for our program, says Barnes.”

Big Orange caravan rolls into Kingsport on May 3rd at the Meodowview Center starting at 5pm