Memhis, TN — The Big Orange Caravan is now on the road and the first stop was in Memphis this afternoon.

Volunteer coaches Kelli Harper head coach of the Lady Vols basketball, Josh Heupel, the Vols head football coach and Rick Barnes head coach of the men’s basketball team met hundreds of fans clad in Orange and White.
They enjoyed taking pictures, signing autographs and speaking to the numerous fans about this past season and what is in store for the future. For the coaches it was kind of their way of saying thank you to the fans.

“Now we get a chance to come back out and see him. In some ways, it’s celebration. And you know what all of our sports have done over the past cycle, an opportunity to talk about what’s coming down in in the near future.”

“It’s important that we’re involved in our state, period. And, you know, we get to come out here and hopefully be in front of people that you know, maybe some future Lady Vols.”

“Great basketball town. And the fact that we’ve we’re fortunate to get a guy like Kennedy to come. And so we’ve always put a priority in understanding how important Memphis is to the University of Tennessee.”

The coach is referring to Chandler Kennedy a Memphis native who signed with the Vols, the Big Orange Caravan will be in Kingsport next month.