Life experiences prepared ETSU head coach Desmond Oliver for tough times


Johnson City, TN — Calling ETSU basketball a dumpster fire a couple of months ago might have been too kind, the program was making national headlines for all the wrong reasons.. From kneeling, coach quitting, coach still receiving buyout money, and players jumping like rats from a sinking ship.

But according to new head basketball coach Des Oliver all of that is behind this team and they’re looking forward to the future. Instead of running from the problems Oliver embraced it during his short time here and feels like being the child of a single parent from one of the worst urban developments in the country has prepared him for these type of tough times.

(DES OLIVER) “From day one I never felt like there was a cloud over the program or something difficult the reality of it is for 27 years I have always had to come into a place and create change whether it’s recruiting, player development, or community driving so this was not any different.”

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