ETSU women’s basketball coach dealing with recruiting during COVID-19


Johnson City, TN — The ETSU women’s basketball team clearly didn’t have the season they expected by going 9-21 overall last season under head coach Brittney Ezell.
Since COVID-19 shut everything down, the coach has spent her time at home looking for future talent and trying to keep her team together since at least 2 are expected to enter the transport portal.

“You want to support kids you want kids to be happy but if they need to be somewhere else to best meet their goals in terms of happiness and academic success and to play more minutes so be it. This week alone I’ve received over 150 e-mails with attached from kids who just all over the place they are scrambling the transfer portal is really active and we for fortune to get three signed in the fall and I know they are very grateful because to be a high school senior right now with no place to go and ability to visit it’s got to be tough, according to Ezell.”

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