ETSU head coach Jason Shay feels SoCon needs a plan for winter sports


Johnson City, TN — The college basketball season is still months away, but new ETSU head coach Jason shay thinks the league and its coaches should start to get ready for any changes that might….

I mean this is 2020 and nothing has been a given so far this year, because basketball is considered a winter sport, the league so far has made no changes, so ETSU continues to practice on the Gordon ball basketball court in the dome and expecting the season to get started in November.

However, there have been some leagues like the PAC 12, that have canceled basketball until the beginning of next year, so coach Shay is just saying there needs to be a plan in place right now.

“We have to get ahead of the game here and have to start thinking and have to have a plan can’t have suggestions come Sept. 16th and we have to bounce those off one another we have to bounce them off the league and see how we are going to move forward but I get the health concern and where we are with the virus is first and foremost important but if we are going to play do we have a plan, says Shay.”

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