ETSU head basketball coach Des Oliver talks about scoring in 8 seconds


Johnson City, TN — Much like new Tennessee head football coach Josh Heupel who’s known for developing exciting offenses, you might be able to put the ETSU basketball team in the same category this season.

New head basketball coach Des Oliver has mentioned scoring in 8 seconds, but that is only if his team follows the acronym D-R-R-E which means defend, rebound, run and execute.
Oliver believes in really coaching his team hard on defense and as a reward when you cause a turnover he wants his team to get back down the court and try and score in 8 seconds which is a lot like today’s NBA.

DES OLIVER “You better guard you better not break down often you are going to guard 94 feet be in your face for 40 mins get bigger faster stronger this summer in the weight room and then as reward when we turn you over as a reward I want to get back at the basket and try and score in 8 seconds that means playing faster the NBA plays that way now that’s NBA basketball in transition and I don’t want my guys to worry about shot selection so that’s the 8 second mind set I want practice the shots we are going take in a game and then let our guys play.”

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