ETSU Guard Patrick Good looking forward to a pain-free season


Johnson City, TN — Former David Crockett standout Patrick Good underwent hip surgery on March 27th and he’s got a new outlook on the game “it’s another blessing, something I won’t take for granted because when you’re out there playing in pain, you just wish that it was gone” says Good.
The irritation might’ve vanished but it was a long road to recovery
“just progressing each and every day and taking it one day at a time, staying on my rehab with the coaches and strength and conditioning coach and the trainers have been great, the coaches have been great” according to Good.
Head coach Steve Forbes says “I’ve been very happy with Pat as far as his progress, you know he’s been back probably a couple of weeks, he’s been going live. he’s got to get into game shape, obviously.”
Good is patient with the process “I can go through practice fully and then kind of the length of practice just varies on what we do and stuff like that kind of don’t want to overdo it.”
His fellow Bucs are noticing the guards grind, but this squad also knows it has to work according to Forbes “they would love to obviously have one of their teammates playing with them, but the train keeps rolling, that’s kind of what I told them yesterday, I tell them that every first practice the trains not pulling out of the station, so get on it or get off of it” and Forbes wants the former third-team SoCon member to be a passenger on that expedition.
“He obviously brings a lot more to our team than without him, but either way, we’re going to be ready to go” says Forbes and Goidd agrees “I know the time that I put in the gym and just my preparation and stuff like that, so I feel good and flowing out there. I don’t really have any problems, so knock on wood, hopefully, it stays that way.”

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