ETSU coach talks about players returning and the uncertainty of a football season


Johnson City, TN — Like everyone else around the country the ETSU buccaneer football team is playing the waiting game, at the end of the month the Bucs will know what the SoCon plans for the upcoming season.

Until then the Bucs who got back to campus last week have been going through weighting and drills. Despite three football players testing positive for COVID-19 the team has done well to wear a mask and keep to their social distancing. Coach doesn’t know if the SOCON will follow the lead of the Colonial athletic and cancel football this fall or the Big 10 and keep it within in the conference — right now he’s happy to have the kids back on campus and preparing for hopefully a football season

“About all, you get to see is that much of people, but in about 10 mins you can tell the guys that have been working out over the last 4 months the ones that had done a little bit so they are not in bad shape but not in great shape and we have some that kind of look like me they look like they have been sitting around drinking coffee and smoking cigars for 5 months so just having them here and being able to get them back active and get back going gives a chance to get back in shape for the season which hopefully we have a season that’s what we all are still waiting on, according to ETSU head football coach Randy Sanders.”

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