Johnson City, TN — Even though the season has been over for weeks they were still celebrating what the ETSU women were to accomplish this season under first year head coach Brenda Mock Brown.

Around 100 blue and gold fans gathered tonight to celebrate the winningest record in ETSU women’s basketball history… The season ended with a 25-10 mark — officially entering the record books with the most single-season wins in program history and with the largest turnaround in NCAA D-1 basketball this season. The Bucs went from a 6-22 record last season to 25-10 this season for 19 wins improved and a 15.5 games improved figure…. one of most improved teams of all-time.

“I think it’s special. I mean, it’s exciting. It’s our first year. There’s so much more to go. But I just would say, like, one word to describe this year would definitely be special. And we’re still feeling it. “

“We had a lot to celebrate, you know? And so I think sometimes in life we we’re thinking about the next thing so quickly. And so it was good tonight to take a pause and really reflect and look backward on all of the accomplishments of this 23 or this 2223 team and all of the things they did. So it was, it was really special. And it also keeps that excitement going and that momentum going into the next season as well.”